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Fifth Grade


Other at home ideas

  • Reading their AR books

  •  i-Ready lessons. I-Ready lessons are leveled to your child’s ability and can greatly help reinforce challenging skills, review past skills, and introduce new skills.

  • Card games: We also taught some math card games(Fraction War, Multiplication War) on Friday and reminded them about playing games such as Yahtzee and other board games.

  • Cook~ with your supervision of course. Cooking reinforces many math skills, following directions carefully, and provides valuable lessons for life.

  • Go outside! Write or draw what you see and hear. Enjoy the simple things like the rustle of leaves.

  •  Share some family history. One of the best things we have seen online is to help your child realize s/he is living during a historic event. They should be writing about what they are doing, feeling, hearing while experiencing this pandemic. This will also help you see if your child is having anxiety and help you address their concerns. 

  • Chores - do some chores around the house. It feels good to see what you’ve accomplished!